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A farm that "Feels Like Home"

We founded the farm in 2015 after blending our families.  We hoped to create space for our children to grow away from the technology focused environment of today. 

We currently raise registered pygmy and myotonic (Fainting) goats.  We also have Huacaya Alpacas, a chicken coop with layers and guinea fowl, 2 bunnies, a blind goose, 5 dogs and at this point have lost count of our barn cats!  

We fell in love with this property, the scenic views, the pond and it just felt like home.  Mark came home with 3 different breeds of goats the first year and we really fell in love with the idea of breeding these curious, wonderful and hilarious animals as a family run business.  The Goat Yoga classes descended on the farm the following year and we continue to offer classes and events for Goat Yoga and Goat Snuggles in Northeast Ohio.  

We really enjoy sharing our farm with the community in terms of education, stewardship, and FUN!


Mark and Alissa



Our Goat Yoga classes and Snuggle Sessions are very popular and we have been inviting people into our home and farm since 2017!  We work with a few different yoga instructors in the Cleveland area and offer year round opportunities to enjoy the goats in their own environment, where they are most comfortable!  Our Baby Goat Yoga classes are also offered at different times throughout the year when we are kidding. (Kidding means to birth baby goats!)

We also offer opportunities for private events, birthday parties and special group visits, Girl Scout troops and other organizations who wish to experience yoga with goats or have a tour of the farm as well! 

We do our best to offer a positive experience for everyone who steps foot on our property... even if you aren't "farm-oriented", you WILL enjoy yourself!

Contact me for more information: and follow us on social media! 

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We have worked very hard to build our genetics and breeding stock on the farm to produce hardy, docile and social, breed-standard, competitive NPGA registered pygmy goats.

Our goats are tested for CAE and Johnnes.  Our herd has tested negative, please contact to request paperwork/confirmation of our herd health.


We keep current health records on all our animals and keep them up to date on all vaccinations, dewormings.

Find all our breeding stock information and planned kiddings available on our Pygmy goats page!

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