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Myotonic Goats

WE HAVE SOLD THE MAJORITY OF OUR FAINTING HERD to focus more on pygmy goats!

We use 2 quality myotonic bucks on our farm and each has different characteristics.  Since we are no longer breeding registered animals, we focus on producing beautiful kids that are friendly and socialized for pets and breeding.  Hans' kids will have a longer coat as the silky goat is characterized by a very long silky coat.  Hans is a miniature breed so he will also produce goats that are smaller in stature.  Follow this link to  MSFGA to learn more about the Miniature Silky Fainting goat breed.
Waffles kids will be larger and tend to have some beautiful cashmere in their fur and both goats produce a high level fainter.
Below are just some examples of the adorable kids produced on the farm!

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