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Our Animals

Feels Like Home Farm

Pygmy Goats

We are a proud breeder of NPGA registered pygmy goats! To learn more information about the breed standard follow below link to learn about registering a pygmy goat.

Myotonic Goats

You read it right, we have fainting goats on the farm!  Its always a fun time when our myotonic gals are kidding!  Our females are registered with the MGR but due to new guidelines in 2023, the babies on our farm cannot be registered.  Follow the link below to learn more about this unique breed.


Huacaya Alpacas

Our alpacas are registered through the Alpaca Owner's Association or AOA.  The alpaca is a calm, sweet and gentle addition to the farm and contrasts with our goats craziness!  Follow the link to the AOA to learn more about Alpacas.

Goat Midwifery

It takes a Village!

Please check our kidding calendar for each goat's expected due date!  

In general:

Myotonics due January/February

Pygmys due March-May

Mixed breed goats due Summer

Alpacas.... your guess is as good as ours!

Pictured is Alissa and Karen helping the vet resuscitate baby goats during a C-section!  One of these goats is named "Karen" 

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