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  • When can I visit the farm?
    The farm does not have open hours of operation. A visit to the farm is through a public or private event. Public events are always listed under our CLASSES page. Please contact us via email or phone or even through the website to set up a private event! Our yoga classes usually take place on Saturday or Sunday in the afternoon, around 2pm while we reserve weekend mornings 11am for private classes. We are generally flexible about scheduling private events although the goats tend to get lazy later in the day so the best chance for high energy interaction is morning and afternoon.
  • Do I have to know a lot of yoga to come to a class?
    Absolutely NOT! Goat are surprisingly nonjudgemental. Our classes are for all levels of yogis and we do a lot of poses close to the floor so there is plenty of interaction with the goats.
  • How often do you offer classes?
    We offer classes year round so please check our schedule regularly! We offer Goat Yoga, Goat Snuggles, and also special events including Santa Visits the Goats!
  • What does a goat yoga class or event entail?
    Our classes and events are generally 1- 1.5 hours long. We spend plenty of time with the goats, snuggling, giving treats, and doing yoga, followed always by a 1/2 hour tour of the farm. Depending on how many questions and the interest level of the group/weather we may spend more or less time touring the farm.
  • Is the farm accessible to those with physical limitations?
    Yes! All are welcome and we can use a car or the golf cart to bring those with physical limitations down to the barn or yoga area. We can also bring a chair into the pasture or barn for chair yoga.
  • If I do Goat Yoga will they poop and pee on me?
    As we have found anything is possible in these classes. We once had a goat that peed on a participant and then jumped onto her mom and peed on her too. This is NOT COMMON!!!!! I can count on my two hands the amount of times this has happened and we have been doing classes for 7 years now. More likely, the goat will pee on your mat and that is why we tell people to bring towels with them in case of accidents. We have cleaning supplies and sanitizer on hand and will be ready to whisk away any waste that is deposited around you or on your mat! If its any consolation, if you do get an item of clothing soiled during class you get a FREE TSHIRT!
  • How do I purchase a baby goat?
    First of all, we only sell goats in pairs unless you currently already have a herd of goats! Goats are herd animals and, like humans, need their "family and friends" to feel safe, loved and in good mental health. A goat's physical health is highly integrated to their mental health and in times of stress they can cause themselves to become ill. A lonely goat will become a sick goat eventually. We breed our goats year round so please contact me to be added to the waiting list if you would like to purchase goats!
  • What do I need to bring my goats home?
    When you purchase goats from us, we will go over in detail all the starter supplies needed to begin care and maintenance of your animals. Goats generally need a 3 sided structure to stay out of the wind and rain, and possibly as it gets colder in the winter to add a piece of plywood to decrease the size of entrance to help the area stay warm. You can easily keep 2-4 goats on an acre or less however you will need to supplement with hay year round if the pastures cannot be rotated for the animals.
  • What else do goats need?
    Goats need: Good quality forage available at all times = Hay... preferably 2nd cutting Goat mineral.. a good one is Kalmbach 2:1 Goat Mineral Clean fresh water on a daily basis (if you want to spoil them, they love warm- almost hot water in the winter) Grain !? Not so much! One of the main issues with goats in the US is they are overfed/fat... surprising right?! Nope. A goat needs 1/3 cup of grain 2 times per day. This is way less than you would think they need but it is true. A wether (castrated male) probably doesn't need grain AT ALL... NOT feeing grain to your wethers will help prevent urinary stones and issues with toxemia that can cause certain death. Lets not kill our pets by overfeeding them! If you would like to feed grain, a good 16% protein pelleted goat feed is fine and make sure it contains ammonium chloride to keep the mineral balanced. 5. FIND A VET! It is tough to find a good goat vet, but you will need a back up and someone to check their worm status on a yearly basis with a small herd of pets.
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