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Feels Like Home Farm Kidding Calendar

Goat Gestation is around 145-155 days.  From the date we put the dam in with the buck, we count 145 days (around 5 months - 1 week) as the first date they could potentially kid.  


Myotonic Goats

Nala x Waffles... single buckling "Cupid" born 2.12.24 *SOLD*

Holly x Hans... twin doelings born 2.8.24 ~ still available!

Daisy x Hans... triplets 2 does/1 buck born 2.3.24 *Daisy's Kids are SOLD*

*Kids can leave the barn to go to new homes 8-10 weeks after kidding!


Pygmy Goats

Butterscotch x Latte... buckling/doeling

Faith x Latte... due April 3, 2024

Spice x Latte... due May 5, 2024 

Contact me to be added to the waiting list! or (440) 724-5121

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